Wendy Davis hits the campaign trail in Amarillo

Wendy Davis hits the campaign trail in Amarillo

Wendy Davis, the Democratic nominee running for Governor of Texas in the 2014 election paid Amarilloans a visit this evening . During her stop at Fernandoâ??s Mexican restaurant, she spoke fondly of her Panhandle roots.

â??I have family roots in the Panhandle of Texas. I have a special place in my heart for it. My grandfather passed away in Muleshoe Texas after living there for some time and I think of course we have to treasure every part of the state as a apart of what contributes to make us who we are,â?? said Wendy Davis. â?? I think that sometimes in Austin communities that arenâ??t alongside I-35 get forgotten and we got to make sure that weâ??re focusing our efforts on the needs of our entire state. â??

The packed house greeted Senator Davis warmly, in an area where local Democrats often feel outnumbered.

Josh Pipkin, a local Democrat said that â??The not many of us in Amarillo, itâ??s pretty brave for her to be here.â??

At least one local we spoke to supports Senator Davis because of her stance on womenâ??s reproductive rights.

â??Well Iâ??m here to support Wendy. Iâ??m so in support of her help on womenâ??s reproductive rights, thatâ??s been a huge issue with me,â?? said Martha Baird, a local Wendy Davis supporter. â??Iâ??ve been a certified midwife since 1977 and I firmly believe in a womenâ??s right to choose what goes on in her life.â??

Aaron Barnes of Amarillo chimed in on Pronews 7â??s facebook page, and asked about keeping our state a low-tax business friendly page. We relayed the question to the senator.

I will make clear that it is my intention to continue Texas a low tax, fair regulated state, so that we can continue to attract business,â?? said Wendy Davis. â??But I also think that we can do a better job of using our economic development tools to continue to grow the economic success story we have here .â??

Wendy Davisâ?? quick rise to the top began in her hometown of Fort Worth, where she served on the Fort Worth City Council. The former republican, now democrat, was elected to the Texas state senate in 2008. Two filibusters put Wendy Davis on the map: her 2011 education funding cut filibuster, and her 2013 attempt to block Senate Bill Five last year that banned abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. On March 4th, Ms. David won the Democratic nomination in a landslide, and now faces Greg Abbott in, the outgoing Texas Attorney General on November 4th.