Wellington historian has lived history too

Wellington rancher, Fred Squyres, fought in the Second World War.

The young officer faced down death on more than one occasion.

These days the 93-year-old researches the history of the Texas Panhandle.

He was responsible for getting the historical marker dedicated to the Marcy trail south of town.

Heâ??s also a genealogist.

He and his former wife, Ruby, researched the Squyre family extensively, all before the internet.

The arrowhead contribution in the Collingsworth County Museum was donated by him.

He retired from the army as a Lt. Colonel, but during the war, after seeing combat, he was an adjutant at a German Prisoner of War Camp.

"I was there when the war was over, adjutant," he says, "and the only one of the whole bunch of all the officers who had seen combat and I looked at them [the Germans] a whole lot different than they did.