Weekend sales attract early Christmas shoppers

Christmas list or wish list, the panhandle raided Westgate mall hoping to catch a good deal on black Friday weekend.

"Well it was that whole after the holidays try to work off some of the meal and pick up some deals," said Byron Taylor. "Gifts for the grandbabies, gifts for the kids and doing a little covert shopping for my dad for my mom so that he doesn't have to get out and do it."

It's a festive time of year, when giving seems to be everyone's top priority and finding a method for buying and picking out gifts prior to the sales is a must.

Taylor said, "If it's someone in need, something they can use, if it's a loved one, something they'd enjoy, and if it's a little brother of sister, just the biggest prank I can possibly pull off."

Each wish list is different, but electronics seem to be on everyone's this year.

"Xbox games and all that, Xbox, Wii, I want a skateboard, I want just whatever my parents can get me," said Hannah and Alex, Westgate shoppers.

Though these two may have their Christmas desires, they didn't forget what Christmas is all about.

Mainly the joy that's partly about Christ, because Christmas has the word "Christ" in it, so it's mainly about God, it's God's day. Not our gift day," said Alex.

Even in the all the chaos of the weekend sales, for some this holiday has a greater meaning that unwrapping a gift on Christmas morning.