Weather doesn't stop group from protesting K2

Many teenagers joined the protest against synthetic drugs at the corner of Belleview and Sixth Street.

From those not old enough to attend school to those who have served in the Vietnam War, a crowd of more than 30 protesters stood at the corner of Belleview and Sixth Street with signs held high.

Signs that read, "K2 Kills."

â??It takes a community to raise our kiddos,â?? Project Director of Impact Futures LaViza Matthews said. â??If we donâ??t do something about it whoâ??s going to do it.â??

The â??itâ?? LaViza refers to is the selling of synthetic drugs, and in this particular case the group is targeting K2. K2 is a mixture of herbs and dried grass, laced with chemicals. It's considered a psychoactive designer drug, and when consumed, it produces psychoactive effects.

â??Most kids think itâ??s a legal alternative to marijuana, when really it isnâ??t,â?? LaViza said.

According to LaViza, she believes the convenient store, Route 66, sells K2 to teenagers. â??The reports have been from kids that have told us, â??Yeah I just bought from this place,â??â?? she said.

One of the protesters said synthetic drugs are partly to blame as to why her grandson is without his dad.

â??This is his second time to go to jail,â?? Chasity Downey said. â??The first time whenever he got out he swore that he was going to change his life, and it just took days and he was back on it.â??

Impact Futures is a drug free community organization that aims to reduce and prevent substance abuse among the youth. LaViza said itâ??s the group's mission to shut down every head shop selling synthetic drugs. Until then the group will continue to spread the message.

â??We canâ??t let them when,â?? LaViza said. â??Making noise like this puts the community in control. We have to get parents aware of the problem we have.â??