Watch out for unsolicited phone calls

The Better Business Bureau noticed something our viewers at home have been telling us.

You might have be getting unsolicited phone calls from companies offering to extend your car warranty. It's companies like, "Dealer Services," that the BBB is looking out for. They've been rated an "F" in a report because they've had almost 500 complaints last year alone.

The Missouri Attorney General filled suit against them, which said they are violating the do-not-call laws. What's worse, the BBB said companies like this are misleading customers.

"The tactics that they use are sometimes scare tactics, or just try to alarm you into believing that the warranty on your car is about expire, when all they're doing is trying to sell you an extended contract on a warranty," said Janna Kiehl, the CEO for the BBB in the Texas Panhandle.

The BBB also says it's hard to track down just who is calling you, especially since there are many companies using different names. So if you're getting unsolicited calls it's best to call the BBB at: (806) 379-6222.