Was there pee in that balloon?

Borger High School - Borger, Texas

Senior prank day at Borger High School may have started harmlessly but according to one mother, things took a drastic change for the worst.

Roper Cox said her 14-year-old son got hit with a balloon full of urine.

Students had gathered to throw water balloons and have harmless fun, just as many seniors do toward their last moments in high school.

"We were just going to come up here and throw water balloons," said one senior who wished to remain anonymous. "Just have some fun as seniors."

Cox's son has an autoimmune disease that makes him easily susceptible to contracting a sickness.

"The kid that all the eyewitnesses say threw it is 18-years-old. He's an adult," said Roper Cox. "Urine is considered a biohazard. My son is a handicapped child by all definitions and the school is just refusing to do anything."

Cox is outraged because she said the school district has done nothing to investigate the matter and punish the student who threw the balloon.

A senior that wished to remain anonymous said the balloons only contained water.

"Some kid said one was filled with urine, but no one put urine in a water balloon," he said.

According to Cox, the balloon most definitely had urine because of the distinct smell.

"He goes on throughout the day and as it dries it just starts reeking," Cox said. "He reports it to a teacher because everyone around him could smell it. He could smell it."

Cox said the balloons were filled with various substances, including urine.

"Some had water, some had other substances," she said. "I was told some had shaving cream, milk and at least three had urine."

Borger ISD Superintendent Chance Welch told Pronews 7 that the matter remains under investigation. School officials declined to comment further.

Cox said she does not want to take the matter to the police because she doesn't want to ruin anyone's chances at a college scholarship.

"The school has a list of 52 names," said Cox. "That's what Principal Tyson told me about the students involved. My son told them that balloon came sailing out of a group of football players"

She insisted that if the school district did nothing, she would seek the assistance of police.

"We go to great lengths to keep him safe and were thinking Borger is safe. We found out different," she said.

Cox added the student who witnesses say did it has been laughing about it around town.

"He's bragged about it," she said. "There's no remorse because there's no punishment."

And punishment is all that Cox is really asking for.