Warrants issued for Stanley Marsh 3 on child sex charges

Stanley Marsh 3

Arrest warrants have now been issued for Amarillo millionaire Stanley Marsh 3 on several child sex charges. He turned himself in Wednesday afternoon and was released after posting bail.

Amarillo Police said criminal charges were filed against Marsh, 84, on Wednesday. He is charged in three different cases for a total of 11 charges.

On the first case he is charged with two counts of Sexual Performance By Child and two counts of Sexual Assault - Child. On the second case he is charged with two counts of Sexual Performance by Child and two counts of Sexual Assault - Child. On the third case, he is charged with one count of Sexual Performance by Child and two counts of Sexual Assault - Child.

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The Amarillo Police Department said it received a report of possible child sexual exploitation that happened on the 12th floor of the Chase Tower, located in the 600 block of South Taylor in Amarillo. Police said the abuse was reported to have happened during 2010 and 2011.

An investigation was launched and police said the reported victim was living away from Amarillo. Detectives, according to police, spoke to witnesses in addition for the initial victim.

Police said the investigation led to the discovery of other names of potential witnesses and potential victims.

According to police, a prosecutor from the Lubbock County Criminal District Attorney's Office was appointed as liaison with the department.

Probable cause when developed to obtain a search warrant for Marsh's Chase Tower office. It was executed on Nov. 7.

During the search, police said evidence was found that further confirmed the accounts of sexual exploitation of minors.

Multiple civil cases were filed against Marsh during the last month. Those cases accused Marsh of paying teenage boys to perform sexual favors with him.

Police said detective and prosecutors worked to verify and identify additional victims with the civil attorneys.

The investigation was then presented to the Lubbock County District Attorney's Office for review.

Stanley Marsh 3 is known across the country for his unusual displays of art, including Cadillac Ranch. Marsh was the former owner of KVII-TV.

Paul Nugent and Heather Peterson, Stanley Marsh 3's attorneys released the following statement:
The criminal charges against Stanley Marsh 3 are mere allegations by the group of accusers who have filed a barrage of civil lawsuits against Marsh seeking millions of dollars. Instead of immediately reporting any alleged wrongdoing to the police, the group strategized, conferred, and waited. After Stanley Marsh 3 suffered a massive stroke and became legally incapacitated, the group implemented their plan to become multi-millionaires by signing contracts with an aggressive personal injury lawyer from Houston.

The investigation into the group's claims is far from complete. There should be no premature rush to judgement.

Stanley Marsh 3 is not guilty of the group's allegations, and will fight as vigorously as his declining health permits.