Warrant Round-Up

The police department is gearing up for another Warrant Round-Up to collect on the more than 35,000 warrants out of Potter County.

The APD's annual round-up begins next Monday.

Officers will be visiting your home address, work address, even gathering relatives information of those who have a warrant out in Potter County.

Officials say they are willing to work with you to get this problem taken care of, but what happens if you get caught?

Cpl. Jerry Neufeld said, "we may take them in front of a judge, otherwise well take them and book them into the city jail.If they are driving a car, we will impound their car and now they go to jail, they have to bound out and pay even more money. If they'll just go and take care of it or at least set up some payment plan it would be a whole lot better for everyone."

To see if you have a warrant out, click here.