Warmer weather ushers increase in insects

The warmer temperatures are sending many people outside, to do yard work and watch children play, but these temperatures are also sending some pesky critters inside.

Many complaints all around the Panhandle have been about what seems like an increase in moths, but Bruce Burney, with Bugs Burney Pest Control, says they will be out of here soon.

"If you're just patient they'll go away in two to three weeks. If they're a real big nuisance you can still spray for them," Burney said.

The real problem are the fleas and ticks and these bugs are coming inside too because of our pets.

Fleas are especially hard to get rid of.

"Because they lay their eggs in masses of 30-thousand," said Burney. "You really need to have your property treated."

Burney said all these insects are keeping local exterminators busy.

"We're doing a lot of clover mites, where they get inside your windows a whole lot. We're also doing a lot of bed bugs, termites are swarming."

For these bugs, Burney says hire a professional, especially when it comes to termites.

"Don't try and address that by yourself because it really needs to have someone who knows what they're doing," he said.

Other insects, like crickets have already started hatching and legionary ants, more commonly known as army ants, are getting ready to swarm.

"It's just gunna be a super bad year for insects," Burney said.

So get ready to fight back.