Wanted? Amarillo police officers 'round up' outstanding warrants

If you've got an outstanding warrant, you might be getting a visit from some Amarillo Police Officers very soon. It's a part of the annual Texas State Warrant Roundup.

"The last two weeks we've really been trying to get the word out the public and getting them to come in and take care their warrants," said City of Amarillo Court Administrator, Victoria Medley.

When the Amarillo Police Department teamed up with the City of Amarillo Municipal Court two weeks ago, there were 38,916 people with outstanding warrants.

"Many of them are traffic but there are ones that are assault, theft, code enforcement violations, health department violations," explained Medley.

After the first two weeks of encouraging people to come in and take care of their warrants on their own, APD still had about 36,000 warrants to serve. So Monday, five teams of two officers hit the streets to locate those who still had warrants out.

"They're just going to go address to address, hitting as many as they can to try to make contact with as many people as they can," said COPPS Superviser, Sgt. Steve Brush.

If they weren't home, a bright red "Notice of Active Warrant" was left on the person's door knob but if they were home, they had a couple options: either pay up or get taken in.

"If the person believes that they can come up with the money or they have the money, then they'll bring them down to the Municipal Court and let them make arrangements to pay," said Sgt. Brush. "If they say I can't pay it, I'm not going to pay it or whatever, they're going to take them to the Randall County Jail."

The red door tag left on the doors of those who weren't home c

ontained information explaining how that person could take care of their warrant.

While some warrants were out for minor things like traffic violations, Sgt. Brush said, that didn't make "rounding them up" any easier.

"Anytime you're going to take someone into custody there's always a chance that they're going to panic or they're going to be scared or something else is going on," he said. "So, it's always dangerous and you have to take precautions."

To see a full list of names that still have oustanding, active warrants, click here.