Waiting Child: Mohamed

Mohamed is hoping for a Big Brother.

We pick up after a couple week's holiday break with the newest batch of Little Brothers and Little Sisters in the Big Brothers, Big Sisters program. This week's Waiting Child, is Mohamed who's hoping his debut in the program will get him matched up.

When we last saw the group of little brothers and sisters over at Eastridge school...we had already met up with Nur and Zin...tonight, we get to meet Mohamed, a 10 year old 4th grader who's as much about having fun as any kid his age.

He lives with his mom, brothers and sisters and says that can be a little tough being in the middle of all that. After school he says he gets started on homework and then play time.

"Homework, afterward, play and watch tv."

Even with a house full of kids, he says he often finds himself alone and is hoping his TV debut will get him a big brother.

"Sometimes, i don't have nobody to play with. "

"Do you think a Big Brother would help?"


I usually try and ask each Waiting Child what they would wish for is they had three wishes. Not only was Mohamed's first wish for a Big Brother...he also knows the top triat he'd like to see in a big brother as well. His first two wishes were for a big brother, then having fun, then he combined them both.

"The funnest big brother."

"That's the first time anyone has ever said that...good answer."

And like every other Waiting Child, Mohammed is still on the list, hoping he wont' have to go too far into 2013 until he gets matched up, but until that happens, Mohamed will be waiting.