Waiting Child: Little Sister Miranda is looking for another Big Sister

Over the years, hundreds of little brothers and sisters have been matched up...but occasionally we have one of those not-so-successful stories.

We met Miranda about a year ago and it looked like her waiting days were over...but not everything works out the first time.

When we met Miranda she was 9 years old hanging out with some little brothers over at Emerson Elementary. She was ready to get matched up back then...

"I would like one and I didn't get one last year so I'm hoping I will get one this year."

In the past year, that wish came true and she did get paired with a big sisters...but sometimes, things just don't work out.

"I got a big sister but she was a teachers assistant and her schedule was so she couldn't eat with me so she had to get out of the program."

Imagine how hard it is to join the program and get matched up only to have it not work out...while most kids might be devastated.. it's only strengthened MIranda's resolve to get another one!

"Just so I can have time and to hang out so I don't have to do it by myself."

She loves school, plays the cello and while she has a sister at home, says she needs a big sister of her own for all the activities she has planned.

"Go to the park, play games because I have no one to play with either and that's it."

At ten years old, time on the playground is fine, but Miranda not only needs a Big Sister, she needs another big sister. And until that happens, MIranda will be waiting.

For more information on how you can sign up for the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, contact their office at 351-2210. Big Brothers/Big Sisters is a United way organization.