Waiting Child: Little sister Halima looking to get matched up

For Halima, it's her turn to shine and get matched up.

Over the last few weeks at Eastridge Elementary, we've met three little brothers: Nur, Zin, Mohamed, and tonights it's Halima's turn to shine as a Waiting Child.

This 11 year old says she really likes school, though she thinks reading can be a bit boring. Music and P-E are two of her favorite subjects, along with math. After school, she spends her time helping around the house, doing her homework and playing with her friends.

"I go home, clean, help Mom cook, go to my friend's house," Halima tells me.

"What do you play?" I asked.

"Tag and hide and go seek. Then go to sleep and back to school."

She has 3 brothers and a sister at home , but has signed up as a little sister as well, hoping to get a big sister of her own. And once she gets matched up she's already got a list of thins she wants to do.

"I want to go shopping."

"Where do you want to go?"

"To the store?" she replied.

"Are you looking for anything in particular?"

"Clothes and shoes," she answered.

Halima says she'd like to get matched up soon and be able to hang out with her big...either running errands or spending a girls day out together. And she knows just how special that Big Sister is going to be.

"I can go everywhere with her and we can spend time together."

"So, she's going to be like a real big sister."


All these littles made for a great morning of hanging out and playing, but when the fun is over, they all still need a big brother or big sister. For Halima, it's her turn to shine and get matched up. But until that happens, Halima will be waiting.