Waiting Child: Little brother Josh is looking for a big brother, maybe a veteran?

Big Brothers, Big Sisters joi9ns with ProNews 7 with the Waiting Child series

The third little brother we are profiling from Will Rogers Elementary School is 11 and a half year old, Josh. He says his favorite class at school is science while math is at the bottom of the list.

In his spare time at school... you can find him having fun with his friends both at and after school.

"At P. . we play dodge ball, soccer and going down the slides. After school, I play with my firends...lots of games, like PS3."

He lives with his mother, grandmother, brother and older cousin and thinks getting a big brother would be a great idea...and he's ready with a list of activities...

"We could play soccer, football, go to Mr. Gatti's...

And "Little Brothers and Sisters " are always asked what they would wish for if they had 3 wishes.

Josh was only sure of the first wish.

"A big brother ...(long pause as he thought) ...This is hard."

"What about a car, or a motorcycle or a million dollars?" I asked.

"A million dollars."

And this young man already knows what he wants to be when he graduates from high school.

"A Marine."

"A Marine?", I replied. "Why"

"To fight for my country."

"Maybe you need to get matched up with someone who was in the military."


Josh has a lot of extra time on his hands and would really like either a veteran or just a really cool big brother to be his match, but until that takes place, Josh will be waiting.