Waiting Child: Little Brother Bryan needs a big brother

Big Brother/Big Sister Waiting Child

The last time we were at Will Rogers Elementary, we me little brothers Bryan and Luis. We profiled Luis last week as they hunted for books to read and now it's Bryan's turn as they sit down for a spirited game of connect four.

10 Year old Bryan says he likes going to school, especially when it comes to study social studies and science. Seems when it comes to school though, he shares some of the dislies that many other bring up.

"Don't like waking up early."

He lives with his parents and 3 sisters and says not having a brother around the house to hang out with is difficult.

"It's hard...they run me a lot.

"Would you like a big brother"


And he's ready with a host of activities that he cand a big brother can do together.

"He could go with me to the park hang out go do stuff...21:32 he could help me take care of my sisters."

Which takes us back to Bryan's family, which he says is very important to him.

"Family buys us stuff and they make good food and they're there for you."

So, Bryan is hoping to increase the size of his family by one Big Brother. All he needs now is for that person to come froward and sign up. But until that happens, Bryan will be waiting.