Waiting Child: Last group of kids for 2012

Little Moments. Big Magic.

Every Tuesday evening, we bring you the story of a Little Brother or Little Sister who's in need of your help. The Big Brothers/ Big Sisters organization is looking for dozens of volunteers to sign up for their program....And in doing so, you get to be matched up with amazing Little Brothers and Sisters, like Nur.

For the next few weeks we're going to bring you some Waiting Children from Eastridge Elementary.

We caught up with them during a recent impromptu game of Jenga where everyone was doing his or her best to win and have a little fun at the same time. We'll begin with 11-year old Nur, whose in the 4th grade. He says he likes school because her gets to hang out with his friends but likes to relax and play after school.

"We go to the park and play basketball."

And he's hoping to expand his downtime with an active big brother.

"What would you like to go do?"

"Go to the movies, go to Wonderland and go to the zoo."

Nur has a big brother at home but he's hoping his appearance as a Waiting Child will get him matched up before the year ends.

"What do you want your big brother to be like?"

"Nice. and so he can help me do things.

Nur wants to be a basketball player or firefighter when he gets older but until that happens, he still needs a big brother. And Nur will be waiting.

For more information on Big Brothers Big Sisters, call that office at 351-2210.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters is a non profit organization.