Waiting Child: Johntavia

There's nothing better on day where we broke yet another heat record...than a cold drink over at Bahama Bucks...That's where we caught up with 13 year old Johntavia and his younger brother, 11 year old Shahada last Friday for our taping segment.

To start, we'll profile Johntavia who's just entered the 8th grade. He loves sports of all kinds and plays football, basketball and runs track. He says he likes school and was ready to get back to class, but as he starts back to school, he is missing an older guy in his life... and he knows how important that can be for a young man.

"So he can influence me to do something right."

"Do you think it's important to have an older guy in your life?"

"Yes sir. I can hear it from a woman, but I think it's better coming from a man."

He has a lot of friends his own age and says he manages to stay pretty busy between school and sports...but he still needs that older influence in his life. And when he gets matched up, he's already got a full list of activities he'd like to share with a big brother.

"Sportsworld, Splash, go to the gym play basketball, paintball shooting."

Next week, we'll introduce you to Shahada and show you how to have a snowball fight at the end of August, but for now, it's Johntavia time to shine and Johntavia will be waiting.