Waiting Child: Jesus, 11-year old 5th grader at Emerson Elementary

The change in the weather signifies a change in lifestyles, with people sending more and more time indoors...but we can't forget all the little brothers and sisters who still need an older adult in their life...indoors or out.

We caught up with Jesus on one of the prettier days last week as he continues his search for a big brother.

11-year old Jesus is a 5th grader at Emerson elementary and like most kids, has his favorite subjects in school.

"Gym, science, math, sometimes music then going outside and playing with my friends."

When school is out, he finds himself heading home of the usual chores but often times, he finds himself with no one to play with.

"Go home, do my homework, watch TV or play video games."

"Do you have anyone to play with when you get home?"


"So he signed up to be a little brother, hoping his as of yet unnamed Big Brother is out there looking for that special young man to mentor.

"Help me realize how to pay attention and to grow up a little. "

"What do you want to do with a Big Brother that you don't get to do now?"

"Go fishing, or go to Mr. Gattis' and play some of those 2-player games."

For now, Jesus will have to get by but not for too long. Until that match takes place, Jesus will be waiting."