Waiting Child: Gio

Last week, we met a pair of brothers, Julian and Giovanni at Western Bowl as we threw a couple games. Julian was featured last week, and Giovanni, or Gio, is the newest addition to the long list of Little Brothers & Sisters on the waiting list.

Six-year-old Gio hadn't bowled much but it didn't take him long to get into that competitive mode. Now, he's competing with brother Julian as they both try to get a big brother...but maybe even more important for Gio...his television debut.

"Because I want to be on TV."

Gio says he likes school including homework...and playing with Julian but he also needs a big brother to hang out with in his spare time.

"Go eat dinner, go get games, go play outside, go to the park."

And his wish list is straight to the point. "I want a baby brother, a big brother too and having a beautiful dog."

As for the dog, we'll have to wait and see, but his wish to get a big brother can be fulfilled right now. And Gio is finally on TV and will be waiting.

For more information on Big Brothers Big Sister of Amarillo, head to their website here.

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