Waiting Child: Farhan joins the BB/BS program, hoping for a Big Brother

In the time it takes you to watch a football game, got to a movie or sit around doing your taxes, you also have enough spare time to become a volunteer for the Big Brothers, Big Sisters organization.

For the last month, we visited Eastridge Elementary to bring you some of the most recent "littles". Now, we've gone back to the school for the newest additions to the program.

We'll begin with Farhan who got together with two other little brothers, who we'll meet in the coming weeks... to play some games the day we visited.

This 10 year old is in 5th grade and says he really likes the cafeteria at school, a few other classes, but especially science. It's a good thing because he wants to be a veterinarian when he grows up... all thanks to his real affection toward cats.

"Why do you like cats so much?" I asked.

"Because they're soft, sweet and kissable."

"You mean, like your girlfriend?"

(Yeah," he answered with a great big laugh.

He lives with his mom, brothers and sisters and spends spends most afternoons playing with his friends. He's hoping he can now get a Big Brother that he can share some time with outside of the home.

I always ask the Waiting child what they would wish for if they had 3 wishes. Farhan began by only asking for things for his mother. When I asked him to come up with a wish all for him, it didn't take him long to come up with a reply.

"What about a wish for you?"

"I'd like a car," he said.

"What kind?"

Farhan thought for another second then said, "A Lambourghini!"

"Yeah, a Lambourghini...who wouldn't?"

Farhan is a great kid who only needs the investment of a little time from a big brother...and no, the Lambourghini is not required.

But until that match takes place, Farhan will be waiting.