Waiting Child: Aidan Pak

And that was our introduction to Aidan in the summer of 2011 when he and Turner met up with me to play a little golf.

And this is Aidan today as he and little brother Bentely who we met last week, were busy painting up their dinosaurs at Brush with Art.

Not much has changed for him. Just like last year, he still loves to play on the computer...

"I like to play on the Xbox and computer..."

"Play on the WII..."

But one thing that has definietly changed is the fact that Turner's been matched up. Which means Aidan gets to watch Turner with his big brother while he still waits.

"Cause my big brother has one now and I don't."

And he's already got a list of activites all planned for when he does gets matched up.

"Go to the movies, buy video game, XBox throw a water balloon..."

And he also knows getting a big brother like Turner means his mom would help his mother as well.

When asked his best traits, Aidan thought for a second and said...

"I smile, I laugh and I share..."

And he's hoping he can get a big brother to share his life like his real brother. But until that match takes place, Aidan will be waiting.