Waiting Child: 10-year old Luis is looking for a Big Brother

Waiting Child, Luis, looking for a cool Big Brother.

Luis says he likes going to WIll Rogers Elementary school, and really seem to enjoy picking out books to read with fellow little brother, Bryan in the library. He's just not sure about all the work that goes along with it..

"No, I do like it, but it feels like we're doing a lot of work."

This 10 year old spends a lot of his time doing what most 10 year old do after school. He likes all types of sports and those ever popular video games.

"Baseball, soccer, football...and play with friends. Go to friends, play video games and maybe go to the Palo Duro Canyon.

He lives with his parents and a sister. Not having a brother around can be difficult especially when he does things with his sister because he says he's not quite into the same things she's in to.

"She makes me play dollies, and I don't like it."

So he joined up in the Big Brothers program looking for a mentor, a friend and someone he can hang out with.

That won't make him play dollies.

And a big brother topped his list of wishes.

"Have a big brother, a future dream house and a PS4."

Seems it always goes back to video games and it always goes back to these little brothers and little sisters needing someone in their lives. But until that match takes place, Luis will be waiting.

If you'd like to get more information on the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program, contact their office at 351-2210.