Waiting Child - Drake

These are the four littles we've been focusing on....Oscar and Evan so far, we've met. Now, it's 8-year old Drake's turn.

He's in 3rd grade here at Emerson...and has three sisters, ages 5, 10, & 18, which means he is constantly surrounded by girls...and frankly, he says he's tired of it.

"Because, every time I have to be hanging out around annoying girls."

"And you wanna do guy stuff?"


Drake likes to do most things that 8 year old boys do...and he admits, he's not the biggest fan of school.

"What do you like about school?


"What do you like about being out of school?"


The most difficult thing for Drake is the fact that one of his sisters is matched up with a big sister...and he gets to see firsthand, all the fun he's missing out on. And after waiting 2 years...he's ready to get off the sidelines.

Next week we'll wrap up these kids at Emerson with Miranda...but for now, Oscar, Evan and Drake will be waiting.

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