Voting Centers vs. traditional precincts

The Potter County Commission announced the appointment of Ann "Melynn" Huntley as the new administrator of the Elections Commission.

Knoxie Mathes is retiring. She says, "Itâ??s been an enjoyable time bit itâ??s time for me to move on and Iâ??m looking forward to it."

Potter County is still debating whether Voting Centers would work for them.

Thatâ??s how itâ??s being done in Randall County now.

Come November 5th, Randall County voters will be able to vote in one of 14 Voting Centers.

There are two in Canyon and 12 peppered across the south end of Amarillo.

Potter County Commissioner Mercy Murguia wants the same thing.ã?? She says, :"We should be looking at being proactive in methods to encourage voters into the election cycleâ?¦Texas is 50th in terms of lowest voter turnout in the country."

Potter County Commissioner Leon Church is in favor of traditional precincts. He represents a large rural area. He says the current plan would have Valle de Oro residents travel to Bushland to vote and River Road residents traveling to Pleasant Valley. "A lot of elections are won and lost locally."