Voters to consider reverse mortgages

Ruth and J.R. Hammond have been married almost 60 years.

They've lived in their Canyon home about 12 years.

About a year ago they decided to get a reverse mortgage to take out some of the equity in their home.

Hammond says, "We didn't want to depend on our children. They were good to help, but we felt this was the right way to go."

Only homeowners over 62 years of age can get a reverse mortgage.

If Proposition 5 passes in November, folks will be able to buy a home using a reverse mortgage. Texas is only one of two states that currently don't allow it.

Phillis Jackson of Athlan Mortgage says she's worked with other mortgages, but she likes reverse mortgages best.

She says, "I've never left a reverse mortgage closing when people weren't smiling. I love it."

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