Volunteers host Ranchfest to raise money to save local theater

The Palace Theater in Childress, Texas has been around for ages and locals are fighting to keep it around for years to come. To help raise money for the theaterâ??s renovations, volunteers came together to host Ranchfest 2013.

â??The Palace Theater is our project,â?? said volunteer Judy Johnson. â??Thereâ??s a small group of us that are very dedicated to the restoration of the palace.â??

Volunteers are calling it Palace Restoration Project. The initiative is to raise the $60,000 that it is going to cost to restore the building that was built in the 20s.

â??Itâ??s a beautiful old building, lots of history in it, lots of memories in it,â?? said co-event chair, Vicki Cook.â?? I image that a lot of people that are going to hear us today have lots of memories at the palace theatre in Childress, Texas.â??

With the help of local residents that understand the importance of the theater in the community, the theaterâ??s volunteers are hoping to raise enough funds to completely clean the inside of the building to get it up and running.

Musicians like Trent Willmon were excited to be a part of the project.

â??Part of the charm of a small town is our historic buildings,â??said Willmon.â??Itâ??s really cool to see that the people in the city really care about keeping it alive and bringing it back the way it used to be.â??

The volunteers are looking to raise $20-25,000 from Saturdayâ??s event.

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