VIRAL VIDEO: volunteers reunite unlikely best friends

      Separated by chance, reunited by volunteers: these two unlikely best friends were miserable without each other. The reunion went viral.

      CNN -- S

      eparated by chance, reunited by volunteers.

      Just a couple of weeks ago, Mr. G was inconsolable, described as pathetic, pitiful, forlorn and depressed.

      He was rescued from the home of a hoarder in Southern California and taken to Vacaville where he did nothing but mope around and refuse to eat.

      G wasn't sick, so it was a mystery until Jan Galeazzi said she learned he missed his friend, Jelly Bean.

      Yes, we're talking about a goat and a donkey.

      Animal Control said Mr. G and Jelly Bean were raised together and they were best friends. When they were separated, the burro also mourned -- braying and crying a lot.

      A volunteer drove 14 hours roundtrip to bring Jelly Bean up from SoCal.

      The YouTube video of the reunion has more than a million views.