Vineyard Manor reopens in downtown Amarillo

Vineyard manor, a 3-story building on 1201 S. Polk, is now open for commercial businesses and affordable housing. The building was originally built in 1926 by E.F. Rittenberry.

The property, developed by Tom Pauken, offer space for commercial purposes on the first floor, and one and two-bedroom apartments on the second and third floors. 4 two-bedroom units and 12 one-bedroom units will start at $481.

Original architecture, such as wood flooring and murphy beds, have been preserved in certain units throughout the complex. There is also a courtyard and outdoor balcony on the second and third floors.

The City of Amarillo worked with Pauken to provide affordable housing to Amarillo residents. The city was able to provide federal dollars for the project, in an exchange for affordable housing status.

"The fact that we're restoring a vacant property, bringing it back to it's original condition and in some cases, better, along with serving the needs of our most needy clientele in the city of Amarillo is a win-win for everyone," said City of Amarillo Community Development Administrator James Allen.

The Center City of Amarillo also provided $30,000 in facade grants for the "curb appeal" of the project.

"Now with these façade grants and the money that the investors have put in, it is coming back to it's original use, which was retail on the first floor and then people living above," said Center City of Amarillo Executive Director Beth Duke.