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      Vigil held for missing journalist, 'thoughts are with the Foleys'

      CNN -- A planned vigil to pray for a missing American journalist took on a new sense of urgency on Tuesday.

      Family and friends gathered to remember Austin Tice, the same day that video was released of the alleged killing of another American journalist, James Foley.

      Candles brightened the inner sanctuary at Saint Thomas More Parish in southwest Houston as family and a community pray for the safe return of Tice.

      He was an Eagle Scout, Georgetown law student and former Marine. He traveled to the Middle East as a freelance journalist to expose the suffering of the Syrian people during intense conflict.

      He's been missing for two years.

      The killing of Foley purportedly carried out in Syria by militant group ISIS.

      While Tice's family prays for his release and safe return, their thoughts are with the Foleys.

      "The last 635 days, we have had to share a horrible nightmare, which has made us close to the Foley family and our heart goes out to them," said Chris Brombacher, friend of the family. "We pray eternal rest for James' soul and comfort and peace for his family."