Veterans Day parade brings out all ages on Polk Street

There was no getting in-and-out of Polk Street, unless you were ready to be caught in a mile-long parade.

Makenzie Bates is a student at Caprock High School. She's wearing her greens not only to honor the veterans in Amarillo, but she's honoring one special person who is far away, but close to her heart.

"I joined the ROTC because I wanted to do what my uncle does," Bates said. "He's deployed right now on his second trip to Kuwait and I just wanted to feel proud wearing this uniform."

Bates said there is no doubt she'll be joining the Marines, it's just a matter of when, and though Veterans Day is Monday, some people didn't want to wait until then to celebrate.

"I came out to see the marching bands and my fellow veterans, and just support, support our troops," Vietnam Veteran Doug Barnes said.

Barnes moved to Amarillo in 1970. He said the parade seems to get longer every year and it can only mean one thing in the city of Amarillo.

"That the vets are not forgotten, it means America has not forgotten and the ones that go to sacrifice all, sacrifice some, because they all sacrifice something," Barnes said.

The Amarillo Roan Creek Marine Corps League organized the parade with hundreds of participants. The Marine corps league asked the organizations to raise money for veterans and the winning organization would be recognized at the Home Veterans Day event.

It might have been a day to honor veterans, but for some it was a stepping stone for the future.

"It's very honoring to know I'll be serving our country," Bates said.