Vega welcomes three new storefronts to town

The town of Vega hopes residents will spend more time and money at local stores.

The town of Vega is hoping their residents remember the local stores this holiday season. Saturday, the town welcomed three new shops to the area.

â??It has been an incredible, fun journey," said the acaia tree storeowner, Sherri Greer.

A small business owner for four months now, Greer is one of several new owners with storefronts in Vega.

"I mean they will open up after hours and come in and whatever you want they will make sure they get it," said Chamber of Commerce Director, Deborah McDonald.

Those in attendance at the recent ribbon cuttings arenâ??t just welcoming the new business, but celebrating a culture of shopping local. Something the town of Vega is urging residents to do.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses nationwide account for 64% of net new private-sector jobs. For places like Vega, they hope to continue the personalized feel for customers.

â??They seriously are the heartbeat of our community and if any little store had to close it would just be devastating to our community,â?? said McDonald.

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