Vega residents ready to sell alcohol

Eric Black and Grante Myers own the Black and Myers Cattle Company south of Vega.

They also own the Subway in town, which has an adjoining side that will sell liquor soon.

The two started the petition to bring the alcohol sales issue to the ballot Tuesday.

The measure passed, 175 to 78.

About two years ago Oldham County voters passed a law to allow alcohol to be sold in restaurants like Boot Hill and Roosters.

Now grocery and convenience stores can do so within the city limits.

Black says, "Weâ??re pleased. Itâ??s a win, win. We donâ??t see why you canâ??t have morals and values and generate revenue at the same time."

Oldham County Chamber of Commerce Director, Deborah Sue McDonald says, "Weâ??re hoping it will bring in new business, revenue, and bring more people to live here."