U.S. Senator John Cornyn visits Amarillo

E conomic vitality and job growth are important to sustain the life of any community, especially during the tough time we've gone through this year. That was the topic Wednesday as city and business leaders met with U.S. Senator John Cornyn who came to Amarillo.

The purpose of Senator Cornyn's visit was to hear firsthand from local businesses on efforts happening in the Texas Panhandle to grow companies, create jobs and continue to create opportunities.

"There's not a more important topic today than how do we get america back to work , " said Sen. Cornyn.

Representatives from Pantex, Bell Helicopter, Alstom, Downtown Amarillo Inc., The Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Corporation were on hand to give a full report to Senator Cornyn. They all discusses their businesses' individual growth, their plans for the future, and their concerns about representation in Washington. Cornyn says he sees positive things coming out of our area.

"This is a welcoming environment where the question is again, what can we do to get you to create jobs here not how can we make it harder and make it more difficult for you to create jobs. That's the attitude I see here and that I see across Texas that Washington needs a whole lot more of , " said Cornyn.

He also says the biggest challenge right now is getting people in Washington to hear, what he says is working in Texas. He calls it a formula of keeping taxes low and keeping regulation reasonable, to help give Texans the all American dream.

"I think we have good evidence of what works here in Texas and that's why we've been growing jobs here in Texas as suppose to the rest of the country has been shedding jobs , " said Cornyn.

He also attributes Amarillo's success for not falling victim to economic turmoil, to our city and business leaders. Senator Cornyn also congratulated city leaders on Tuesday's vote to go forward with the redevelopment of downtown, saying it will bring great economic promise to our area.