Urban design standards still a touchy subject

L ast week we kept you up to date on an open hearing at city hall to discuss a new set of urban design standards that would affect residents that live downtown.

B oth sides, for and against the new standards, were represented but no decision was ever made.

Today city commissioners met again, but the standards remain as is.

"We as a commission try to balance both sides and be fair to both sides, but at the same time move forward with the future of this this community. We certainly want to listen to what people have to say and certainly support what they're trying to say and I appreciate what they're trying to say," said Debra McCartt, Amarillo Mayor.

Citizens with the group, Amarillo Citizens for Property Rights, say they will keep on with their petitions.and that the neighborhood has been turned upside down because of this issue.

"We're suppose to be neighborly not pitted against one another for economic reasons. Some of us we said we bought our homes to be homes, and a lot of the people that are in support of the downtown area -- they said we bought our homes as investment properties," said Irma Heras, downtown area resident.

McCartt says this will probably be an issue that won't fade away anytime soon -- they will meet again next Tuesday.