UPDATE: Park officials evacuate visitors due to fire

Amarillo, Canyon, Randall and State Park firefighters were on the scene of a wildfire at Palo Duro Canyon.

UPDATE: There are currently four different fire departments on the scene of a wild fire in Palo Duro Canyon.

Randall County Sheriffâ??s Department Spokesperson Danny Alexander said, officials are still unsure how the fire started.

As of 7 p.m. he said, the fire consumed nine acres of the canyon, and zero percent had been contained.

"They are calling it a slow burn because there's no wind," Alexander said. "We're very lucky, right now they're trying to surround it with fire-lines because of the lack of water."

State park officials said the location of the fire is where they consider the equestrian south-end of the park. Two camp sites and four cabins were evacuated.

"We just don't know if there's a wind shift that fire could move back into the areas that are populated," Alexander said. "Fire crews are down there with fire lines right now but I don't even know if they can get water to it because it's such a tough terrain."

Alexander said, crews will remain on scene throughout the night before tomorrowâ??s high winds.


According to the Randall County Sheriff's Office, Palo Duro Canyon is currently being evacuated due to a fire in the canyon. The Sheriff's Office has deployed the command vehicle as well to assist.

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