UPDATE: Palo Duro fire under control

Although fires are popping up in other areas of the pandhandle, it has been reported that the Palo Duro Canyon fire is under control.

After a long night of fighting the fire at Palo Duro Canyon that started yesterday, the Randall County Fire Chief James Amerson declared that the fire in Palo Duro Canyon is under control as of about 5 p.m. today. The Randall County Mobile Command Unit has been deactivated, but units from the Texas Forestry Service, Randall County Sheriff's Office Deputies and the Emergency Services Unit will remain on the scene throughout the night to monitor the area. If all goes well through the night and there is no rekindling, the park will reopen at 8 a.m.

Although this fire is under control, various other grass fires have been reported in the area. With the drought conditions and high winds at hand, fires will spark easily and get out of control quickly. Please use caution.