Update on the Tucumcari city commissioners' recall petitions

At the September 26 Tucumcari City Commission meeting, the city manager was fired with a three to two vote.

This triggered a wave of recall petitions for all five commissioners.

At Thursdayâ??s city commission meeting, the city attorney presented the commission about the issue regarding the recall elections for Ernest Dominguez, Robert Lumpkin and Mayor Amiel Curnutt.

These three commissioners are up for reelection in March for the general election. The city attorney said the recall election cannot take place before then, making this a â??moot issue.â??

There will be recall elections for commissioners Dora Salinas-McTigue and Jimmy Sandoval on January 2.

The commission decided to discuss the recall elections for Dominguez, Lumpkin and Curnutt at the next meeting.

Jerry Lopez started the petition for district 1 (Salinas-McTigue) and 2 (Sandoval).

â??â?¦So what we're doing is actually just giving the voters in those districts a second chance at whether or not they want to change it or not,â?? Lopez said.

He said this was not meant to divide the community.

Gary Montano started the petitions for districts 4 (Lumpkin) and 5 (Curnutt).

â??They thought [city manager] was fired for no reason when in fact his 2013 contract was for $70,000. Thatâ??s a $17,656 pay raise in 2 years and yet this monstrosity still exists,â?? Montano said.

Montano and supporters said the city manager was fired for not performing his duties