Update on Amarillo's latest murder

Paul Gillette accused of murdering wife.

Amarillo Special Crimes continues its investigation the murder that happened Sunday in Potter county.

Potter County Sheriff's deputies arrived at the house of Sherri Gillette and found her body had been placed in her car in the garage.

Her husband, Paul Gillette was found in the garage as well and was arrested on a charge of murder.

Police say she was on the phone around one o'clock Sunday morning when she suddenly called out for help, according to Lt. Gary Trupe of Amarillo Special Crimes.

"Very brief conversation, she yells for help and the phone drops to the ground. There's not a whole lot of information that the friend to having the assault and hearing who it specifically is that she's saying help me for."

And he confirmed that there was a history of domestic violence between the two according to Potter County records.

"There is a history out there of domestic violence from the Potter County Sheriff's Department. We are getting all those reports from the system to see what it is. I haven't got all those reports yet and we haven't received them so I can't give you a number of how many times they've been out."

The couple, who had four children, filed for divorce last year.

Bond for Gillette has been set at one million dollars.

A fund has been set up for the Gillette's four children who are now left with other family members.

The fund is set up at Amarillo National Bank to help the kids with their education. If you would like to help out you can donate to the Sherri Gillette Children's Education fund at any ANB location.