UPDATE: Armstrong County Sheriff released from hospital after assault

Armstrong County Sheriff released from hospital

UPDATE 9/2/14: The deceased suspect in this case was identified as Mitch Thompson, 52. An autopsy is scheduled Wednesday morning in Lubbock.

The deputy who fired her weapon is Deputy Fleta Barnett with the Armstrong Co. Sheriff's Office.

The Special Crimes Unit continues to investigate this shooting, and asks anyone with information about this incident to call (806) 378-9468.


Armstrong County Sheriffâ??s Department is confirming the sheriff who was assaulted last night and was sent to Northwest Texas hospital was released around 3 a.m. Monday morning.

Right now, Amarillo Special Crimes Unit is investigating what happened with the arrest in the CEFCO gas station that later led to the suspect being shot at the Armstrong County Sheriffâ??s Department in Claude.

Deputies from Armstrong County Sheriff Department reported to a disturbance call made from the CEFCO station at 10 p.m. Sunday night. Pronews 7 spoke to a CEFCO assistant manager who was not there when the arrest was made, but was told by another employee that the man was harassing a woman he was with and did not leave the property when asked.

The suspect was arrested and taken to the Armstrong County Sheriffâ??s Department where he then reportedly assaulted Sheriff J.R. Walker. A deputy tried to pry the suspect off of the sheriff. When the deputy could not get him off the sheriff, he shot and killed the suspect.

An Armstrong County Sheriffâ??s Department Deputy we spoke to said the suspectâ??s identity has not yet been released, and the deputy does not think the suspectâ??s family has yet been notified of the death.