Update: Amarillo, Canyon cancel class

Guymon Daily Herald / Travis Ruiz

UPDATE: Both the Amarillo and Canyon school districts have cancelled classes for Wednesday due to the snow that blanketed the area. The last time Amarillo kids got a snow day was back in 2010 when the district closed for two days.

According to Brian James, the snow is over, and the sun is expected to come out later this morning. The expected high of the day is only 18 degrees. In the Amarillo area, snow fall amounts ranged from 5-8 inches with drifts as high as 5 feet being reported.

From Storm Search 7 Chief Meteorologist Steve Kersh - A Winter Storm WARNING remains in effect until noon Wednesday. The upper-level storm system is now in New Mexico and the area of moderate to heavy snowfall continues to expand in coverage, according to Adobe Walls LIVE MAX Radar, from Clovis to Amarillo to Beaver, OK. In this area, visibilities are reduced to 100 yards or less (away from cities, visibilities are down to near zero!) The area of snowfall is moving south at 10mph, while the individual bands of snow are moving northeast at 40 mph. Numerous accidents continue to be reported to Storm Search 7 with injuries reported with an overturned 18-wheeler just west of Amarillo's city limits. The Interstates remain open for now, but we are still hearing "rumblings" from law enforcement officials that both I-27 and I-40 may be closed as many drivers are ending up in ditches along both major roadways. Travel is still discouraged and should be used for emergency purposes ONLY! The snow is now at a depth of 2.5 inches here at Channel 7 with drifts from 1-2 feet already out our backdoor. Reports of 7 inches of snow just north of Beaver, OK, have been received with drifts to 5 feet reported there. Also, we have had NUMEROUS requests as to the status of Amarillo ISD and Canyon ISD's closing or not closing school tomorrow. Their policy is to wait until around 4:30am to make a decision. I will add that we will see the sun reappear tomorrow morning between 6am and if I were a betting man, I'd get the kids ready for school tomorrow morning. I'm a parent of an AISD student....that's what I'm going to do. We will have a full update on Pronews7 at 10pm. See you there!

From Storm Search 7 Chief Meteorologist Steve Kersh - The worst of the storm NOW affecting Amarillo and Canyon! Adobe Walls LIVE MAX Radar indicates moderate to heavy snow being reported now from Grady, NM, through Amarillo and Canyon and up into the eastern portions of the Oklahoma Panhandle. We are now receiving reports that portions of Interstate 40 may be closed here in an hour or so if current "near blizzard" conditions continue.....they should. In fact, the area of snow is moving south at 10mph while moving off the northeast at 35 mph. 34th street in Amarillo west of Soncy has been shutdown by Randall County due to numerous cars stranded between that intersection and Bushland. In fact, two people were taken to Northwest Texas Hospital with minor hypothermia when their car ran out of gas and they tried to walk back to the gas station at 34th and Soncy. This is a DANGEROUS situation and travel should be limited only to emergency cases ONLY! We are still predicting 5-9 inches of snow with 2-4 foot drifts. In the Oklahoma Panhandle, 3-5 inches of snow has already fallen with 2-4 foot drifts reported there. Stay tuned to Storm Search 7 for the latest on this latest winter storm system here on the High Plains! The next update will be shortly before 10pm.

From Storm Search 7 Chief Meteorologist Steve Kersh - A Winter Storm WARNING remains in effect through Noon Wednesday. At 5:45pm, Adobe Walls LIVE MAX Radar indicates the heaviest snowfall in a band along Highway 54 from Tucumcari, NM, to Guymon, OK. Reports of zero visibilities in blowing snow have been received in this area. Lighter blowing snow continues over most of the rest of the Panhandles and Eastern New Mexico with numerous reports of car accidents, including one fatal accident near Gruver reported. Please folks! If you have to travel this evening, use extreme caution and if you really don't have to get out....DON'T! The snowfall is expanding in coverage and intensity as the upper-level storm system moves from southwestern Colorado into northern New Mexico. The storm system will move across the area tonight and that's when the snow is expected to be the heaviest and the winds the strongest. 4-9 inches of snow with drifts from 2-4 feet appear likely. By the way, another report of drifts upwards of 3 feet in Beaver County, OK, has been received! Stay tuned to Storm Search 7 for the latest on this winter storm system!

From Storm Search 7 Chief Meteorologist Steve Kersh - A Winter Storm WARNING remains in effect through noon Wednesday. At 4:45pm, Adobe Walls LIVE MAX Radar indicates snow to be increasing both in intensity and coverage over all of the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles along with portions of Eastern New Mexico. The snow is moving northeast at 40 mph, but the overall area is moving south at 15 mph. Reports of 3 inches of snow have been received from Beaver County, OK, with drifts already up to 2 feet in depth. Near "blizzard" conditions on roadways in and near Amarillo have caused numerous accidents and at least, one fatal accident near Gruver this afternoon. PLEASE! If you don't have to travel....DON'T! Area roads are just going to get worse as the night goes on as the upper-level storm system continues to move our way from southwestern Colorado. In fact, the latest KVII Computer Model data indicates the heaviest snow set to occur from 9pm to 3am tonight and early Wednesday. It does appear that the skies should start clearing shortly after sunrise over the central and western Texas Panhandle and Eastern New Mexico with some snow and blowing snow expected for the eastern Panhandles until the mid-morning hours. Be sure and stay tuned to Storm Search 7 for the latest on this winter storm and its impacts on our area!

Update: From Storm Search 7 Chief Meteorologist Steve Kersh - A Winter Storm WARNING remains in effect through Wednesday. At 1pm, Adobe Walls LIVE MAX Radar indicates areas of blowing snow over most of the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandles along a line from Tulia to Shamrock to the north. Heavier snowfall, reducing visibilities to near zero, was located over the Oklahoma Panhandle and into southwestern Kansas. Movement of the snow is south at 20 mph. Conditions are expected to get worse throughout the rest of the afternoon and especially this evening as the main upper-level storm system moves overhead. According to the latest KVII Computer Model, between midnight and 7am, 7 inches of snow is expected to fall bringing our expected total snowfall to around 8 inches by sunrise Wednesday. Keep in mind that this will be very dry, wind-blown snow, so drifts from 2-4 feet are likely! Travel will be very hazardous, if not impossible, from Midnight to 7am Wednesday. Stay tuned to Storm Search 7 for more updates and we will try to add new Facebook notes on this storm every 2 hours....or as more information becomes available to us in the Storm Search 7 Command Center.

Update: We have a new report of howling winds, thick fog and blowing at I-27 and Hollywood. Also, reports of snow already sticking on the I-40 and Coulter overpass, reports of wrecks at I-40 and Bell.

Update: We are getting the first reports of snow in our area. One our of friends on Facebook said there is already blowing snow north of Vega on Highway 385, adding that it was very spotty for now. We have also gotten reports that conditions went from cloudy to white out in 5 minutes in Hooker, OK. Our viewer reported it's "snowing like crazy here" but that it's a non-snowman making snow and that the wind was awful!

The Texas Panhandle is gearing up for another winter storm.

According to the Storm Search 7 meteorologist, this system could dump anywhere from 4-8 inches of snow throughout the Panhandle. The storm is expected to move out of our area sometime tomorrow afternoon.

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