United Way teens raise 60K for local non-profits

Students from Highland Park High School toured two local non-profit agencies as ambassadors of the United Way Youth Leadership Cabinet.

They've joined students from Amarillo, Canyon, and Bushland school districts to help meet the needs of organizations throughout the Panhandle.

Over $63,000 have been raised in a campaign that ran throughout the fall semester. Over the course of the spring semester, the cabinet will decide how to allocate funds to over 20 area agencies that sent in applications for the extra funding.

The teens toured the Wesley Community Center, and the Boy Scouts Golden Spread Council Office, to decide where those funds should go.

"Usually for the past years they've been raising 200 dollars or something like that because we are a small school, but this year we raised over one thousand dollars. So we kind of multiplied a bit", says Lyly Huynh, a student at Highland Park.

The Boy Scouts Golden Spread Council requested $5,000 to send kids to Camp Don Harrington. At the Wesley Community Center, comfortable chairs for senior citizens were one of their top priorities.

"We requested chairs for the Senior Citizen Center, that is something that they wanted and they have been requesting for us since we're non-profit. We have very limited funding so were not able to just go out and buy," says Wesley Executive Director, Liz Rascon.

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