United Way: 2012 donations fall short of expectation

6 million dollars, that was the number United Way said they raised last year during their annual campaign, but they came up shorter than hoped.




announced this morning they come up about 5% short, which is $326,000.


epresentatives say despite the short fall, no local programs were harmed, there was enough in reserves to cover the cost, and this years way of doing things will be a little different.

United Way co-chair Smith Ellis said, "We're now going to give you the exact number that we bring in, we wont be giving you a projected number, always remember those numbers are just something you shoot for and hope to hit."

The luncheon to kickoff the 2013 campaign season is next Wednesday at 11:30 a.m. inside the Civic Center Heritage Room.

Join us for Daybreak on Friday morning to hear from Smith Ellis and other campaign co-chairs.