United to stay open 24 hours

Late night food shoppers are in luck! United Supermarket will be open 24-hours at one of their locations starting next month.

The United Supermarket at 45th and Bell will become the first 24-hour United Store in Amarillo. The convenient hours will begin on February 3rd. United Regional Vice President Greg Ammons says that they decided to extend their hours to increase convenience and better meet the needs of Amarillo residents.

"We really didn't get our shoppers an option to shop with us through the night so we kind of pushed them to somewhere else," said Ammons. Currently, Walmart is the only store in Amarillo that is open 24-hours.

The store will be fully staffed all night. Food service areas will remain open during normal hours, but will provide self-service options all night long. There will also be extra visible security presence and customers will be escorted to their cars to ensure their safety.

The pharmacy will also be the first and only 24-hour pharmacy in Amarillo. "The pharmacy was a big option for us too," said Ammons. "We just knew there was a need here in this community for a pharmacy 24-hours." Ammons states that the store's drive thru pharmacy played a factor into deciding which one of their stores would stay open all night long.