United management says sale does not mean changes

Paul Evans, Regional Vice President for United says nothing will change after Albertsonâ??s announced theyâ??ve bought the Lubbock based chain.

"Itâ??s going to be United Supermarkets. We will operate as a United Supermarket. Our CEO will report to Albertsonsâ?¦Everyoneâ??s safe from the top to the bottom. No job losses, reductions in pay. Everything stays the same."

They say they have no intention to raise prices.

Greg Ammon, Regional Vice President for United says "I think they like the way we do business. They know weâ??re self-sufficient. I see our growth opportunities being faster."

Evans says the Snell and Bumstead families, who have operated the United stores for 97 years, says, "the family felt as if this acquisition will help grow us more than what the family could do."