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      Umbrella aims to keep children "Internet safe"

      It's not your typical umbrella. Instead, Umbrella by OpenDNS is a network security system meant to filter-out what people can rummage through on the Internet.

      "Our kids are home during the summer, they're bored and they're out of stuff to do, so they spend a lot of time on the computer during the day," owner of All Star Computer Andrew Brandt said.

      Brandt said while not trying to deny full access to the Internet, the system allows parents to block certain content online.

      "We want to protect our own kids, and it's something that we think that every home should have," Brandt said. "When our kids have friends over, we can let their parents know that, 'Hey if you kid is on the computer here or they bring their own device here they are still safe.'"

      According to Brandt, the system only needs to be installed once. It's installed onto the main router, then everything is controlled on the network level.

      "So it not only protects your PC and laptop, but your IMAX and iPads and phones," Brandt said.

      Umbrella uses an 128-bit encription, one of the best encription policies for computer devices, and according to Brandt it's one of the safest he's seen.

      "I haven't only installed this on home networks, but a lot of my clients that request this program use it for their business," Brandt said.

      Many computer technicians will install and teach their clients how to use the program. All Star Computer charges a $79 fee.