TxDOT works to minimize mudslide mess

Though the rain from Wednesday's thunderstorm was much-needed, it caused problems for motorists on the roads.

"You can see what happened here," TxDOT Spokesperson Paul Braun said. "All of this is where water was channeled and cut the channels and came down into the roadway. We had some mud- not as much as we would have expected- but we still had some. There were other areas that were worse."

Because the vegetation on the I-40 overpass banks is so dried out, it could not hold the water and mud into place. Braun said TxDOT is working to clear out the rest of the debris that was left by the storm, and also debris that was washed into ditches.

"We want to stay ahead of the next rainstorm. So, the actual slopes and the damage it's done there is probably going to have to wait until we can actually get to the immediate problem at hand and that's cleaning out the culverts and the roadways."

Re-seeding the banks could help to keep more landslides from happening, but Braun pointed out that could be a pointless effort as long as the drought continues to dry out vegetation.

"We'll have to go back in there eventually and redo this and re-seed it so we can get some vegetation in there to hold the soil. Otherwise, it's just going to keep running and we're going to have problems with safety because we'll have materials on the roadway that we've got to get off of there."

Braun added other maintenance plans will be discussed after work is completed.