TxDOT: Cherry Ave. open, Willow Creek to close on U.S. 87


Texas Department of Transportation announced the reopening of the newly constructed U.S. 87/287 off Cherry Avenue Friday morning.

"Today we're able to open up the main lanes of Cherry Avenue on U.S. 87, also this afternoon, we're going to open up the actual Cherry Avenue underneath the overpass. We'll have traffic moving in all directions," said TxDOT Public Information Officer Paul Braun.

Braun said the north and southbound U.S. 87/287 at Willow Creek will be closed Monday, April 29, for demolition and construction of two new overpasses.

"We're going to take traffic off the overpass, put it on the frontage road, just like we did at Cherry Avenue. We're also going to shut down the Willow Creek underneath the overpass," said Braun.

The construction is part of an 8 bridge project for TxDOT, costing $5.6 million. They also added a project to replace the Mobley overpass on U.S. 87, with a price tag of $1.6 million.

"There's going to be a total of 9 overpasses in the corridor that are going to be rebuilt between what we're doing now, and June of 2014," said Braun.

The construction hasn't been easy for local businesses. Burger Barn business owner Brent Bynum says construction to the Cherry Avenue overpass off U.S. 87/287 has left a hole in his wallet.


Cherry's been closed back each direction, which has affected our business tremendously

," said Bynum. "

It affected our business about 25 to 30
percent decrease every week."