TxDOT and City of Amarillo in full gear

For the last week, TxDOT and the City of Amarillo have been getting ready for the storm that is anticipated to bring two to four of inches of snow to the Texas Panhandle.

"We've known this has been coming since last Thursday and Friday," TxDOT Spokesperson Paul Braun said. "We have done a lot of our preparations last week as far as getting the equipment ready, making sure we have the personnel on board and also bringing some people up from other districts that we can train in how to plow snow."

TxDOT has brought in personnel from other districts to ensure it has all the help it needs. The agency covers 17 counties in the Texas Panhandle- 8,800 miles of roadway.

The City has equipped trucks with salt and sand spreader boxes and plows.

"We have to concentrate on the main arterial streets, get those opened up around the hospital, around the fire stations so all the emergency vehicles can have their access," City of Amarillo Street Superintendent said. "And then make sure that those main arterials streets remain clear through the storm."

Both agencies are asking everyone to be mindful if they do have to get out onto the roads.

"It's going to be a rough night tonight," Braun said. "It's going to be a very tough commute tomorrow. All we ask is if you don't have to drive, stay home and let us get things cleaned up."