Two Swisher County employees sue county judge and former sheriff

Swisher County Sheriff's Office

Two Swisher County employees, T

Rasmussen and Cassie Pointer, sued former sheriff Emmett Benavidez and county judge Harold Keeter on Wednesday.


n the suit,
Rasmussen claims Benavidez fondled himself while looking at her several times. He also left her a note at said, "you are a beautiful lady," and later told her to destroy it. Rasmussen was asked to touch Benavidez and to have sex with him.

Rasmussen worked as an administrative assistant. She brought this to the attention of several employees and had meeting with another woman and the sheriff. He promised to stop his advances.



was invited by
Benavidez to go to Randall County to pick up an inmate. The sheriff then offered her money to have sex with him. The suit also says he fondled himself and grabbed her head.


was able to record this on her cell phone camera. She reported the incident and gave a deputy the her SIM card.

Mike Criswell, local district attorney reported the incident to Judge Keeter.

The suit states Judge Keeter told the women to not say anything about the incident to anyone. Pointer was threatened of being fired.

Keeter did not allow charges to be pressed against Benavidez. Benavidez was allowed to voluntarily resign.


he women are seeking damages for mental anguish, loss of earning capacity, severe emotional distress and medical expenses.

Pointer is still working for Swisher County and Rasmussen resigned in March 2012.


he sheriff's department, police department, judge, and district attorney all did not wish to comment.