Two local women provide free photography service to families in need

Carol McKinney and Shannon DeFord are on a mission to help local families, one photo at a time.

They began Frames of Love, a professional photography service to families with terminally ill children, and parents suffering the loss of a newborn.

The idea came after a traumatic accident that changed Carol's life, forever. "My family and I were in a wreck about 10 years ago and we lost a son, a 10-year-old son and Shannon was our photographer. She actually took some pictures of my three kids," says McKinney.

"It rained the night before and we were gonna cancel the pictures. And I thought, the light's beautiful. And we took them. Sadly enough, one week after those pictures were taken the oldest son lost his life," recalls DeFord. The women also make visits to hospitals and hospices when an infants life is cut short.

To contact Frames of Love, go to You call also call them at (806) 654-6191.